The Cloud for your collections

To avoid losing your data and to be able to keep your collections safe, think about the Cloud.

The Cloud is a concept that appeared a few years ago and allows online storage of data (photos, music, files, etc.) accessible anywhere and at any time from any computer connected to the Internet. You drop your files on your online storage service and it is automatically synchronized and accessible on all your Mac and Windows computers. Originally intended for businesses, the Cloud is now open to everyone.

Today, nearly 20 online storage services are offered to Internet users. Among the most well-known: Dropbox, Amazon Drive Cloud, Google Drive, etc. With a free basic offer, they can store between 2 to 5 GB of data.

Our advice: even though Dropbox only provides 2 GB of online storage, we preferred this solution for its ease of use. If you wish to increase your storage capacity, there are paid packages available.


It can be interesting to make your online storage account, for example Dropbox, interact with the software to directly deposit your working folder. Why should you do this?

Let’s imagine for a moment: computer crash, reformatting your hard disk! Result: you lose the data of your collections if you haven’t made a backup!

By setting up Numento and linking it to your Dropbox account, the updates you make to your collection are automatically saved and saved to your Dropbox folder. As soon as you open WebAcappella, you will always have access to the latest version of your collection!

How to set up Numento with Dropbox

Create your Dropbox account, install the application on your computer and log in to create a new folder named for example “MyCollectionsNumento”. Now open Numento and go to the “Tools” menu and then “Options” on the PC or “Preferences” on the Mac. A dialog window will appear. In the “General” tab, check “Change the working folder for your projects” and select the Dropbox folder you have just created. Then click OK.

Also, remember to make this setting on all the computers where you have installed Numento.

Finally, each time you work on your collection (since it will be saved on Dropbox) do not shut down your computer immediately and let your working folder synchronize in Dropbox so that you don’t lose the changes you’ve made. If your working folders are very heavy, the synchronization time will be longer.

Indispensable backups!

Even if you use Dropbox, we strongly recommend that you continue to make frequent backups of your collection, backups to be made according to the pace of updates and changes you make.

To make a backup, go to the “File” menu and click on “Save in an archive”. Choose the location where you want to put your archive and then click on “Save”. A dialog window will then appear to confirm your request and whether or not to integrate the publication parameters. Click on ” Yes “. The backup wizard will confirm the success of the operation.

Once your backup has been made, you can store it as you wish on an external hard drive or even on your Dropbox space in a folder specially designed for your Numento zip archives. So, when you want to install the latest version of your collection on another workstation where a Numento license is available, all you have to do is open Numento and click on “Open -> import a Numento 2 archive”