Personalization of the files

A collection is a database made up of card templates (corresponding to SQL tables)

Each template consists of fields (text, number of images etc).

In the general collection parameters accessible by the button below.


You can add, create, edit and delete your templates.


The fields

By editing the template, you can find the different types of fields to be added.


You can organize your fields by dragging and dropping them directly into the list.


Each field can be edited to change its label for example.


It is not possible to change the field name in the database

Creating tabs (sections)

The section element will allow you to create tabs on your records.

../../_images/icon_section.png ../../_images/sections_in_list.png

Below, the result on your cards.


The list of unused items

The bottom list allows you to keep fields without displaying them on your records



Be careful, when you delete an item from this list, the values corresponding to this field will be irretrievably deleted from the collection.

Themes (Web Import)

Topics are important for importing from Web connectors.

When importing for example, the “Books” theme will copy some specific fields to the books.