Customizing filters and lists

By clicking on the small padlock on the left (or right click), the filter panel will switch to “edit” mode, you will be able to create and edit the filters in your collection.


Elements can be rearranged by dragging and dropping with the mouse.

  • Smart lists allow you to maintain conditions on values of your elements.

  • Simple lists behave like “boxes” into which you can drag items of your choice.

By clicking on the list properties button below.


Access to all the settings of your list


You can choose here the type of display of your list

By clicking on the list properties button below.

  • Classic

  • 2 Views, one with a grouping of elements

  • 2 Classic Views


Data filtering

You will be able to add conditions according to the criteria of your choice for the display of your list


Column display

This sets the view to be displayed in “table” mode.

It is possible to delete, create the columns of your choice.

Order the columns

You can rearrange the columns by dragging and dropping and select the displayed fields according to the type of elements.


Grouping column

This is also where you will choose the column that will condition your grouped view (if you have chosen this option in “general”)


Reset columns

The Reset Columns button allows you to automatically rearrange the columns


This automatic layout is calculated in relation to the order of the fields in your form templates