Import plugs from Web connectors

Some online databases allow you to retrieve records (Books, Music, movies …)

Click on the following button to open the web import window


2 search methods are available:

1 - Search by keywords


You can search for your items in online databases by entering keywords and then launching the search. From the results, select the desired items and then retrieve them and add them to your collection.

To search and retrieve your items using keywords :

Choose a category (Video, Music, Books, Comics or Video Games) and a database. Enter one or more keywords. Once the results are available, select one or more items and click on “Add”

2 - Search by bar code

Launch the application online with QrCode that you can read with your smartphone



If the QrCode is too small, click on it to enlarge it

Leave the import window of Numento 2 open

Scan your barcode

The barcode will appear in Numento 2 and the search will start


Unfortunately, very few databases have a perfectly complete barcode list (Amazon being the most complete but unfortunately blocked in France)

Some barcodes will remain untraceable.

As our system is very flexible, we will integrate other connectors as soon as they are available in the form of a PLC