Publication of your collection on mobile

Numento allows you to publish your collection on the Internet. Your collection will then be available as a dynamic website where you can search for items.


Your online collection will be structured in 3 phases:

  1. Listing of your different lists.

  2. Items in each list.

  3. Detailed sheet of each element.

In the general properties of your collection, you will find the following settings:

FTP publishing settings

There are 2 modes of publication

  1. Publishing from a folder on your computer

    You are going to select a folder where all the files of your collection will be generated. Then, using an FTP transfer tool (FileZilla for example), you will be able to upload your collection.

  2. Publication by automatic transfer

    Select a connection setting (create one if necessary)

    • The name of the FTP server called FTP Server / Host (usually this is in the form: or as an ip address: )

    • Your FTP identifier usually called Username / Login

    • Your FTP password usually called Password / Password


    If you encounter transfer problems, please consult this page

    Tutorial for checking FTP / SFTP publishing

Displaying the main list of the mobile site

Choose the field that will be displayed on each item of your collection

Refresh the pages of your mobile site

Click on the “regenerate” button, so your site will be fully regenerated for the next publication.